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This week on The Weekly Flickr, we profile George Probst from Blacksburg, VA. George dives with great white sharks, taking incredible up-close-and-personal photos of sharks in their natural habitat. While many think of sharks as fierce killers, George hopes his photos allow others to see them as he does: beautiful, awe-inspiring creatures.

Here’s my George again!  So famous, very wow :D  Great white very!

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Close-up shark photos aim to break ‘Jaws’ stereotype | Flickr Blog

This is one of my greatest friends, finally getting the recognition he deserves for his awesome photography, woooo! :D

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New coworker walks into my office to make some coffee.
Coworker:  “What’s that you’re listening to this morning?”
Me:  “It’s the soundtrack from Silence of the Lambs…”
     [smiles apologetically to try to appear normal]
Coworker:  “That’s a bit dark for first thing in the morning, whoa.”
Me:  “Yeah, maybe a little…”

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